Biomaxa slides into Australian market

Biomaxa Performance by Nature

Biomaxa Performance by Nature

Biomaxa is new innovation in natural, bio-based lubricant products that are expertly designed by and for cycling enthusiasts.  Biomaxa saw the opportunity to deliver a bio-based lubricant that actually performs – but equally they saw opportunities to improve the way riders applied lube to the chain.  The company ethos “performance by nature” ensures a sustainable, ecological approach to producing leading edge cycling products.   Swift Sports is now stocking the current Biomaxa product range consisting of chain lube, general purpose grease and two variants of anti-chaffing cream.

Biomaxa founder, David Lovegrove and his New Zealand based industrial design company are always looking to improve people’s lives with their products. “Seeing the opportunity, and having the ideas is one thing, but then delivering on that requires a great design and development process. Our experience as designers taking products to market for clients many times helped significantly in our own efforts to bring Biomaxa to market. Being keen cyclists also helped as we had no issue doing lots of testing, evaluation and development,” says Lovegrove.

Biomaxa bike lube is unique for a number of reasons.  It is the first dedicated lanolin based lubricant for cycle chains.  Lanolin is a great natural lubricant – and is extracted from the wool of sheep.  It is actually a by-product of the wool scouring (cleaning) so utilising essentially a waste product makes for a good environmental story.  The resultant wax coating of lanolin (and other plant oil derivatives) provides an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.  Due to the tenacious adhesion of the lube onto the chain – it lasts alot longer on the chain and it also works well in both the wet and the dry.  The bike lube is innovative in its unique bottle design that allows for easy application to a bike chain.  The built in and patented chain guide makes application of Biomaxa easy and helps minimise the wastage.

Biomaxa Lubrcant Applicator Exploded Diagram

Biomaxa chamois creams are very effective because the best natural ingredients are used with the latest scientific techniques in the development of its anti-chaffing creams.  Amazingly, Biomaxa is probably the first (and only) anti-chaffing product company utilising laboratory certified manuka honey to UMF 15+ in its formulation.  The laboratory certification assures purity and quality of the honey and that it contains a certain level of the active ingredients to provide anti-bacterial protection and natural wound healing.  Not limited for cyclists, running enthusiasts can also use Biomaxa anti-chaffing creams for skin irritations to protect and sooth sore spots.

200ml Pair

Biomaxa has a number of products under development that will grow its product family in the future.  With plans to offer a full suite of bicycle care and bicyclist care products, Biomaxa is committed live up to its company ethos and follow its careful development programme to guarantee new product are well proven and ecologically sound prior to launch.

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