Why Biomaxa Biolubricant?

Biomaxa Lubricant

Why Biomaxa Biolubricant?

Our lubricant is formulated with a mix of lanolin and plant oils with a carrier and other functional ingredients. Our lube is the world’s first dedicated bicycle lubricant made from lanolin. Lanolin is a wax extracted from sheeps wool and is 100% biodegradable and natural. It is applied to the bicycle chain in liquid form, but then sets up as a wax biofilm on the chain. This not only lubricates but it also protects the chain.

Genuine Performance

We have had our lube independently tested by Friction-Facts.com – the same test lab that conducted the Velo Magazine, February 2014 Lube test. Our lube was the fastest production drip lube they have tested. What this means is that when applied correctly it does make you faster. If you can save 2 Watts by using Biomaxa over other chain lubes then this will make you around 7 seconds faster over a 40km time trial.

Biomaxa Biolubricant Unique Features

Our lube is unique. It is a true multi-purpose lube – that excels in the dry weather as well as the wet. Being wax – it is not dirty & messy and the dust does not stick to it. But it also adheres to the chain tenaciously – thereby equally protecting the chain in harsh wet and muddy conditions. You do not need to apply Biomaxa after every ride. Depending on conditions, typically it will last 5-6hrs MTB riding or 11-12hrs on the road. It runs smooth & quiet providing a low friction, high efficiency ride whatever the conditions. When applied correctly the only thing on the chain when riding is the Lanolin and plant oils. It is an environmentally clean solution and safe when crossing waterways or rivers.

Who can use Biomaxa Biolubricant?

The lube and our bottle appeal to different people in different ways. Road Cyclists, Track racers and Triatheletes love the smooth and fast feel and the high efficiency. Urban commuters love the all weather protection, and the fact it is made with natural products – Lanolin. The Mountain Bikers, Downhillers and Enduro Riders love the one lube for all conditions, the natural products on the chain whilst in the wilderness and of course the longevity. The Cyclocross riders like the efficiency and speed tied to the performance in extreme conditions. The BMX riders love the duration between lubes combined with the smoothness and speed whereas the Cycle Tourists love the natural product nature tied to the all weather protection. It really is a lube that performs for all riders.

Why does it work so well?

Our lube is a very thin fluid in the bottle which allows exceptional wicking into the chain – penetrating deeply into the bearings before setting up as the lubricating wax. This ability results in it performing extremely well, and prevents dirt and grit getting into the bearings – further lengthening the performance, reducing wear and protecting your equipment.

The bottle is multi-functional

We have a Patent Pending Chain Guide Cap to assist lubing or it can be removed to use a standard drip nozzle for precision use and better access if needed. We also have a 500ml workshop or refill bottle.

What users say:

Marcus Peters

“I took a bottle of Biomaxa with me to Nepal to compete in the 2014 Yak Attack and it performed exceptionally from hot to 20 below – Great Lube! – Marcus Peters

The 2014 Yak Attack – the highest altitude MTB race on earth – 8 stags, 400km, 12 000m climbing and extreme conditions.

Kim Hurst“The lube is perfect on the bike and is in fact some of the nicest I have ever used.  It has a really nice slick feeling and it doesn’t seem to pick up all the grim and make a mess of your chainset” – Kim Hurst

(2014 WEMBO World 24 HR MTB Champion, 2014 NZ Cyclocross Champion, 2013 UCMA World 200 Mile Road Champion?

Sam Horgan“Wow.  It definately is very fast and low friction.  I used the Lube at TT Nationals with excellent results” -Sam Horgan

(Pro Rider – NZ National TT Champion, Winner multiple races – New Zealand and internationally)

The story behind Biomaxa

The company was founded by David Lovegrove in 2013, although product research and development had been ongoing since approximately 2009. David has a background in product development and innovation and was wanting to tie a lifelong interest in cycling to his “day job” as a product designer.

The insight to develop a better performing environmentally based bicycle lubricants came about when it was clear there were very few competitors in this space with products that actually worked. The traditional lubricants in the market that were touted as being natural or environmentally based were all derived from plant oils. It was widely known that these did not perform very well, or have longevity on the chain. Another big downside was how messy they were and how quickly the chain would attract dirt. All the high performance cycle lubricant products were heavily petrochemical based and highly synthetic.

The idea to use lanolin as a bicycle chain lubricant was conceived during brainstorming sessions around developing a unique cycling product with a distinct story behind it. From the outset the product needed to have a natural and environmental foundation. We also wanted to add value to essentially a “waste product” of the wool cleaning process. The properties of Lanolin are widely known in the cosmetics industry, but its waxy lubricating properties and its tenacity to adhere and protect as a surface coating are perfect for the requirements for a performance chain lubricant.

The lanolin comes from local New Zealand wool scourers. Due to New Zealand’s “clean” outdoor farming environment the lanolin is typically a lot cleaner and needs less refining direct from the scouring plant. This is a distinct advantage over say other big lanolin producing countries (such as Australia or India) where their dusty environment produces a poorer quality lanolin.

Biomaxa was founded with a vision to dispel the myth that performance and sustainability are mutually exclusive. We wanted to return to nature – the place we love to ride and need to protect. Biomaxa is a bicycle lubricants product company committed to delivering exceptional cycling performance and protecting the environment. All our products contain Lanolin, a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable. Biomaxa is committed to sustainability and cycling innovation. It is Performance by Nature.


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