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Biomaxa Pro Ride Chamois Cream

Biomaxa Chamois Cream Review by Bicycle Network Australia

Get Rid of that Pain in the Bum with Biomaxa Chamois Cream Yes, literally the pain in the ahhr… backside. The type of pain that makes cycling a misery, the type of pain that can turn you away from cycling. Saddle sores, bruising, chaffing, rashes and infections can be affected by your saddle, your chamois […]

Steve Bale Reviews Biomaxa Lube and Chamois Cream

Steve Bale Reviews Biomaxa Lube and Chamois Cream   This lube is actually really totally different to a normal lube. The way it works is that you totally clean your chain, and then smother it in Biomaxa before leaving it to cure for 24 hours. You then totally wipe it off – that way all […]

Biomaxa Bicycle Lubricant

Why Biomaxa Biolubricant?

Why Biomaxa Biolubricant? Our lubricant is formulated with a mix of lanolin and plant oils with a carrier and other functional ingredients. Our lube is the world’s first dedicated bicycle lubricant made from lanolin. Lanolin is a wax extracted from sheeps wool and is 100% biodegradable and natural. It is applied to the bicycle chain in liquid form, […]