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A world class Bicycle Lubricant with an Ecological edge.

Developed off the sheeps back, Biomaxa is a natural Lanolin based Biolubricant. It has excellent natural properties including being a great water barrier.

It acts as a dry lube so while doesn’t attract dirt to your drive drain it has a superb natural ability to grip to the substance it is attached to (ie the chain). The benefit of this being Biomaxa is not going to wash off in the worst of conditions. In 2014 it was tested by Frictions Facts in the USA and was benchmarked as being the best liquid lube ever tested. Beating a large amount of the major brands which had been through the same testing process.

So remember when you are out in the wilderness doing those water crossings with your mates and riding through puddles, you can be confident you are doing as little damage to the environment as possible while getting the best result for your own riding.

Biomaxa Bicycle Biolubricant – here’s the important stuff

A natural lanolin based biolubricant, its formulation penetrates deep into the chain for smooth operation, superior corrosion resistance, and enhanced life.

  • One lube for wet & dry conditions
  • Biodegradable
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Extremely Low friction
  • Race proven by world champion riders
  • Specialized chain guide cap for accurate lubrication delivery
  • Super smooth and very quiet
  • Made in NZ
  • For more frequently asked questions and 1st use instructions click here.

Why is it vital to clean my chain before applying this lube the 1st time?

  • Biomaxa goes on as a liquid and sets into a waxy state.
  • On first use it is best to apply to a clean chain. (Shake bottle well before use)
  • If your drivetrain is dirty, the muck will mix with the lube and set into a nasty wax that is extremely difficult to remove. Dirt in the drive train increases wear and it won’t run as smoothly as a well cleaned, well lubed setup.
  • Apply the night before so the oil penetrates the links, wipe off excess and let it set into a waxy state.

Tell me more about this chain lube.

  • Lanolin is a wax which is extracted from shorn sheep’s wool in a process called scouring. Its natural qualities are ideal for lubrication, water repulsion, and it penetrates easily into the chain providing long lasting performance.
  • Biomaxa is Non Flammable.
  • The multi-purpose cap design combines a precision nozzle with a chain guide cap. Wastage is minimised, giving you more value for money.
  • The flat bottle’s compact size means it can easily be carried conveniently in a backpack pocket.
  • Biomaxa is New Zealand made. All Lanolin used in this product is sourced from NZ by local wool scouring companies.
  • Not only is the product inside biodegradable, sustainable and naturally sourced, every part of the bottle can also be recycled.
  • Biomaxa is predominantly lanolin but contains some plant and mineral oil additives to make it suitable for mechanical lubrication purposes. Normal contact is not harmful, but prolonged skin contact may cause irritation. Wash with soap and water.
  • The lanolin formulation is safe on all materials including carbon. Biomaxa won’t attack or degrade any of your bike parts.




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