Biomaxa Ultra Ride Chamois Cream

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Biomaxa Ultra Ride Chamois Cream – The All Natural Chamois Cream

The Bioimaxa Ultra Ride chamois creams have been scientifically formulated from key natural ingredients to lubricate, soothe, and assist in the repair of skin, on any length of ride.

  • Mix of Lanolin, Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey assists in prevention of chafing & saddle sores
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Helps protect against infection & irritation
  • Assists in the prevention of chaffing and saddle sores
  • Ideal for use on both synthetic and natural chamois
  • Ultra-Ride is for regular use and active conditioning of the skin for all-purpose riding
  • Up to the 4 hour mark this will give excellent performance, if you are going out for an all day mission consider Biomaxa Pro Ride
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Used by Kim Hurst World Solo 24 Hour Champion.

“I’ve used all of the main Chamois Creams. ?Biomaxa is awesome for women. ?Your mix of ingredients to help prevent infection or reduce irritation are great. ?I find the chamois cream is excellent regarding longevity”

Kim Hurst

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