Miles Disc Brake Pad Shimano Deore M555


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Miles Disc Brake Pad to suit Shimano Deore M555


Metallic brake pads are a fair priced all-round solution for most common conditions,?where brakes are not getting extremely heated up. They work excellently for urban?use, dirt, cross-country and lighter enduro rides with shorter downhill segments. Even?downhill racers, who are not standing on the brakes all the way down, swear on the?higher brake performance that the sintered brake pads offer. The high percentage?of iron and copper in the compound, offer a longer life and more heat resistance?compared to organic disc brake pads.

– T?V S?d tested / EN 14766
– Iron and copper compound for a better heat resistance
– Kevlar additive to increase the lifetime
– Works good on all-weather conditions
– Non asbestos
– Price competitive

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