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North Shore Billet

High-quality 1X Boost Chainrings come from high-quality metal; we’ve found this to be important for any component, but most notably for chainrings. As a result, all chainrings are created using North American made Kaiser 7075 aluminium.

At North Shore Billet, we’ve opted to utilize a variable tooth pattern that is designed to the ASME/ANSI B29.1M industrial standard, which provides a tried and true tooth shape with an alternating tooth thickness that helps retain the chain. While other companies have radically changed the fundamental tooth profile to reduce chain drop, we felt that the negative aspects of asymmetrical and ‘square’ teeth outweigh any benefits of chain retention. The NSB Variable Tooth pattern ensures efficient power transfer by allowing the chain to freely roll on and off the ring, and long wear life due to our thicker than standard teeth.

While being a small company in Whistler Canada has allowed us to stay close to the roots of mountain biking, we strive to keep up with the latest manufacturing technologies and to remain competitive on a global scale.