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Lock on Grips

The beauty of Lock on Grips – the simplicity of removal and installation. Once you have settled on this style of grip, it is simply a matter of loosening the allen key bolt then sliding the grip off and the reverse for installing. The grip is secure and will not move around for its useful lifetime.

The Single File lock on grip or the Double File grip, with a 30mm diameter and single clamp design. These are our most traditional Lock on Grips

The S2 grip comes in as part of our next generation S2 (Series 2) product line up and we wanna shout about it!

Its available in regular or extra soft compound, additional highlights are also the oil slick lock on ring finish with the extra soft compound.

Just a couple of technical features are the long ribs on the back of the grip for better all weather performance. A waffle finish at the bar where your thumb sits for extra durability.