Compression improves blood flow and circulation, extending your endurance and peak performance. Every Swiftwick sock is a compression sock, built to last and produced on state of the art machines, made in the USA.

Swiftwick Aspire Seven Black Sock


So whats with Compression?  Swiftwick Socks are constructed predominantly at the 200 needle standard and with specialized, linked-toe construction, we are the technology leader and undisputed advocate for your feet.

Your feet deserve a dry, comfortable climate, and the opportunity to breathe. Your feet deserve a chance to celebrate victory and a blister free performance. Swiftwick supports your race day and training regimen by delivering improved circulation and consistent thermal properties.

Typically, the “compression” sock people think about when investigating compression is a knee high product. “Our TWELVE is a superior knee high compression sock, but it also offers unique compression experience for the foot bed, as do all our other, lower cut socks… ” says Mark Cleveland, Company President. “We wanted to capture and measure that advantage too.”

Swiftwick Aspire Seven Stripe Black Silver Gray SockTo test compression in the foot bed, Swiftwick uses a new three point compression test method developed by the Manufacturing Solutions Center in Hickory NC (formerly known as the “Hosiery Technology Center”). This testing discipline was created at the request of Swiftwick, the only company in America exclusively manufacturing moisture wicking, linked toe compression socks at 200 needles in both a synthetic and natural merino wool fibers.

Swiftwick customers are measured and tested athletes. Our socks are measured and independently tested too, by as many as three different laboratories. Swiftwick has developed and introduced the Managed Compression concept. While other sock guys focus on the region from your ankle to the knee, Swiftwick addresses the entire foot bed first and delivers a targeted compression value where it matters most.

Our shared goal: Swiftwick socks are not just more comfortable, but they stay on and they stay up, in the most intensive and demanding athletic environments.