Courtney Atkinson Reviews Swiftwick Socks


10 pairs of Swiftwick Socks. Over a year of torture, and still going strong!

In full disclosure, I get given these Swiftwick socks but it’s me who is doing the asking. My first introduction to Swiftwick was when I was riding for Enve Carbon Bike Wheels. Enve sent a few pairs of their branded team socks made by Swiftwick and they were the best sock I’d worn cycling, period.

Fast forward a few years… I’ve continued to run and ride in Swiftwick. Best thing is they last a REALLY, REALLY long time.


A pair of socks I raced the 2017 Coast 2 Coast Adventure race across NZ were in the same batch of socks I took around Australia running up the highest mountain in each state in a week and still they truck on for use in every day training up to recently. Well beyond a year and only seeing some wear on heals and toes. I think I’ve thrown only one pair out due to material perishing with wear.


Swiftwick Assortment


Now I’m a creature of habit when it comes to clothing. So I only have two models in BLACK… oh OK three but I’ll go down that rabbit hole further down the page.


1. Black Mid-Calf Swiftwick Aspire (7 inch) for running/cycling/action made of olefin.

Now I had no idea what olefin was until just reading the packaging right now… Olefin: Nobel Prize-winning!.. fibre retains less than 0.01% of its weight in moisture and resists deterioration from perspiration = why they are so good and crap on polyester ????


2. Black Mid-Calf Swiftwick Pursuit (7inch) for travel and hanging!… why? because they are merino

Swiftwicks give some scientific explanation on wrapping, but in short… they don’t stink when you take your shoes off on a long-haul flight, and they keep your toes warm in a tent!


Now the third sock I don’t like to talk about. Why? Cause too many triathletes think it’s part of an everyday wardrobe. Yep, the knee-high compression socks. Now I do wear these before and after racing purely air travel as it works in reducing the fat ankle from long-haul flights. But please. ONLY FOR WEAR UNDERNEATH LONG PANTS. That should be the disclaimer stitched into all compression socks toes to view as you put them on.

I have a few pairs of 12inch long Swiftwick Aspire Graduated Compression… but don’t tell anyone ????


Just a final note on sizing. I wear a US9 in runners but fit the size 10-12 (Large) socks. Maybe a size up for a comfort fit.

Swiftwick Aspire Seven Black Sock

Thanks to Courtney Atkinson for the review.  You can see the original review on his website here.

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