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CYCLINGTIPS Recommends Swiftwick

CYCLINGTIPS Recommends Swiftwick

The Cyclingtips staff recently discussed their favourite socks. Check out what they had to say about our Aspire Sevens. My vote goes to the Swiftwick Aspire Seven (US$19 / AU$35), a sock with a features list so long it has to be good. Of course, I’m kidding, but these wonderfully thought-out socks easily overcome the relative lack […]

Bikeexchange Why Cycling Socks Matter

The Science of Cycling Socks: Six Things to Know

The article was originally published by BikeExchange, you can check it out here. There are a number of factors that contribute to your overall comfort on the bike, such as your position, kit and contact points. Add to those the often overlooked socks on your feet, an item that can play just as important a […]

Kitwatch Review Swiftwick Pursuit Merino Cycling Socks

Kitwatch Review Swiftwick Pursuit Merino Cycling Socks

On Test: Cutaway USA Neck Gaiter x Swiftwick Merino Socks JUNE 16, 2016 BY HAMISH KIRKPATRICK Neck Gaiters – Cutaway USA Black Speckled link Winter Sky link also available at Socks – Swiftwick Pursuit Sevens Black Thanks to Swift Sports Aus and Cutaway USA. Photography – Blake Norrish I do love having a good neck warmer, or gaiter as it […]

Swiftwick Pursuit Merino Seven

Swiftwick Pursuit Merino Sock on Bikeradar

    Tennessee-based Swiftwick claims to make the best sock you will ever wear – a big call, we know. We’ve previously featured the brand’s Aspire socks, but with things cooling down here in Australia, Swiftwick has sent through its 7 inch Merino Pursuit socks. The Pursuit socks are made from all-natural merino wool sourced […]

Kitwatch Swiftwick Review

Kitwatch Review Swiftwick Cycling Socks

  On Test: La Passione Kit x Swiftwick Socks FEBRUARY 20, 2016 BY HAMISH KIRKPATRICK Kit Reviewed Jersey – La Passione Summer Jersey Diagonal White link Bibs – La Passione Summer Bib Shorts Navy/Square link Socks – Swiftwick Aspire Sevens White link Purchase via – La Passione, Swiftwick au Rider – Height 185cm (6’1″), weight 69kg (152 lbs), shoe […] – Wils Holiday Wish List Swiftwick Socks

What would Christmas be without socks? But not regular socks, they are well-boring. Cycling socks are much more interesting, and one of my favourite pairs of socks at the moment are those from Swiftwick. Now finally available in Australia, Swiftwick offer the Aspire and Pursuit models for riders who appreciate a good compression fit and […]

Bikeradar Suggests Swiftwick Socks for Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Bikeradar Suggests Swiftwick Socks for Christmas Stocking Stuffers

  “The socks maketh the kit,” don’t you know – and before you ask, no, you can never have enough cycling socks. If you’re buying socks for your partner (hint hint nudge nudge some more), the sheer number of colours, patterns, brands, lengths, and materials can be quite overwhelming. As far as stocking stuffers go, […]

Velonomad Swiftwick Socks Review

Velonomad Swiftwick Socks review: the best cycling socks in the galaxy

 Velonomad Swiftwick Socks review: the best cycling socks in the galaxy   I can’t remember how I discovered Swiftwick socks but I am glad I did. They’re the best damned socks I’ve ever worn. I am sure if RM Williams was still alive, and they were made in Oz, he’d wear ’em. They’re that bloody […]

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