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What is moisture wicking and why do you need it?

What Exactly is Moisture Wicking? We talk a lot about moisture wicking – it’s even part of our name. It’s an important performance wear feature, especially in socks. But what exactly is moisture wicking, and why does it matter? When You Don’t Have Wicking  Moisture wicking technology is what differentiates your athletic socks from your […]

Courtney Atkinson Supported by Swiftwick Socks

Courtney Atkinson Supported by Swiftwick Socks

  Swift Sports are very happy to announce that two time Olympian Courtney Atkinson will be supported by Swiftwick Socks in Australia. Courtney is currently a RedBull Endurance athlete.  In the last couple of years he has been mixing it up with Ironman Events, Xterrra and Mtb racing.  He is a massive fan of Swiftwick socks, having […]


Biomaxa Lubricant Video

Biomaxa have just released a new video to give you a better understanding of this class leading and eco-friendly lubricant.  Made in New Zealand it has been developed by a passionate group of cyclists to give both the best result for your bike and the natural environment you are riding in.