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Shimano HG12 Chainring

Swift Sports distributes North Shore Billet Cycling Products in Australia

North Shore Billet is a CNC manufacturing company which turns out high-quality CNC machined products for the bicycle industry. All of their parts are made in-house using aerospace grade aluminium on their own CNC milling machines.  Utilizing the latest metal cutting technologies, high-speed machining centres, and manufacturing cell techniques they are able to efficiently manufacture […]

Same Socks Different Scenery

Same Socks Different Scenery

Written by Sam Burston Same socks, different scenery. In 2016 I signed for my second year with Mobius Future Racing. Mobius proved themselves to truly be about development when they provided me with the opportunity to race in France despite the fickle and volatile environment of cycling. We decided this would be a good experience […]

Biomaxa Pro Ride Chamois Cream

Biomaxa Chamois Cream Review by Bicycle Network Australia

Get Rid of that Pain in the Bum with Biomaxa Chamois Cream Yes, literally the pain in the ahhr… backside. The type of pain that makes cycling a misery, the type of pain that can turn you away from cycling. Saddle sores, bruising, chaffing, rashes and infections can be affected by your saddle, your chamois […]

Biomaxa Ultra Ride Chamois Cream

Biomaxa Ultra Ride Chamois Cream

  Biomaxa Ultra Ride Chamois Cream Biomaxa Pro and Ultra Ride Chamois cream are an amazing anti friction cream sourced from New Zealand.  We have presented here a more detailed write-up and product description to help give you a better understanding of the key features and how they can really benefit during your long days […]


Biomaxa Lubricant Video

Biomaxa have just released a new video to give you a better understanding of this class leading and eco-friendly lubricant.  Made in New Zealand it has been developed by a passionate group of cyclists to give both the best result for your bike and the natural environment you are riding in.

Biomaxa Performance by Nature

Biomaxa slides into Australian market

Biomaxa is new innovation in natural, bio-based lubricant products that are expertly designed by and for cycling enthusiasts.  Biomaxa saw the opportunity to deliver a bio-based lubricant that actually performs – but equally they saw opportunities to improve the way riders applied lube to the chain.  The company ethos “performance by nature” ensures a sustainable, […]


Veloroos gear up in Swiftwick Socks for Race Across America

  The Veloroos will proudly be supported by Swiftwick Socks in their challenge to win the Race Across America. While they are racing they will be wearing either the Aspire Four Pink or the Aspire Four Black. A FOUR-WOMAN eastern suburbs Sydney cycling team will ride non-stop across North America in one of the world’s most […]

Bicycle Garage Lilyfield

Startup Stories: How to Beat the Competition with an Unexpected Idea

  Bicycle Garage is a great loyal customer of Swift Sports.  Read about the creation of their store by  Laura Loonstein Business owner Jeremy Scrivener talks about the challenges and rewards of opening a bike cafe in the heart of Lilyfield, Sydney. Source: Startup Stories: How to Beat the Competition with an Unexpected Idea